About Cardcoin A/S

We are 100% Danish owned with every essential key production element, located in Skovlunde outside of Copenhagen.

Our mission is to offer state-of-the-art solutions within our core business at any time, and we do it better and cheaper than our biggest and best competitors. We do it with professionalism, thoroughness, and excellence.

Our vision is to be the best supplier, the one with the highest competence, but also the one with the most efficient and flexible operations. We will always ensure we have the best employees to create a relationship between the customer and Cardcoin, all while keeping the decision makers aware of necessary improvements to operations, so that decisions can be expertly made and executed.

Cardcoin A/S offers solutions and products where data management, physical and digital security, and absolute flawless production are required. The finished product may be digital or physical such as plastic cards, paper and NFC products.

We also manufacture plastic cards and NFC solutions for a wide range of companies. For example, electronic gift cards, NFC payment solutions and membership cards for loyalty clubs. We have more than 30 years of experience in ID, payment and data management.

We are ISO certified per the ISO 9001 quality standard and per the ISO 27001 safety standard.

We have an environmental policy that emphasizes our responsibility to the environment in terms of energy consumption, choice of raw materials, waste management and recycling.

In our CSR, we have determined that we will manage our subcontractors to ensure their work is environmentally responsible and does not exploit child labour or social dumping.