ECO Friendly Cards

The strong focus on climate change, pollution and environmentally hazardous waste affecting nature means that consumers are more conscious than ever of environmental issues and sustainability.

When it comes to hard-to-degrade waste in nature, plastic is oftentimes the main concern. For a long time, the focus has been on how consumers can reduce plastic consumption and - pollution in everyday life.

At Cardcoin, we think about the environment and therefore, we are closely following developments in this field. Plastic cards made of PVC have for a long time been produced and sold due to its unique qualities: PVC is durable, practical and safe – and recyclable. Unfortunately, it occurs, that PVC is not correctly sorted and recycled, but instead ends up in nature.   

Therefore, at Cardcoin we are ambitious and dedicated when it comes to finding innovative, alternative solutions for plastic cards made of PVC. After thorough tests, we can offer a wide range of products made of environmentally friendly material that also are durable, practical and safe.

Only the best is good enough for our customers and below you can see what eco-friendly alternatives to PVC we offer at Cardcoin:

Degradable PVC:
Degradable PVC is a standard PVC consisting of 57% sea salt and 43% crude oil with an additive to make it degradable.

Degradable PVC is the plastic material that requires the least energy consumption upon production and has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per produced kilo.

These unique qualities, which show great concern for the environment, are achieved without compromising on durability, quality or design.

Recycled PETG:
PETG is made of 100% recycled PETG core, which is plastic that only emits water and oxygen during combustion. The card is biodegradable yet durable, impact resistant and of high quality.

Good coated board:
This card is made of board material and is therefore fully recyclable. It can be provided with FSC® accreditation and the FSC® logo can be added on the artwork. This means that the board comes from sustainable sources and has FSC® Chain of Custody certification.

Premium coated board:
This card is made of premium board material and is fully recyclable. Coated is for a glossy look.

Premium uncoated board:
This card is made of premium board material and is fully recyclable. Uncoated is for a matt look.   

The mineral card is a PVC free plastic product consisting of 60% lime and 40% polyethylene. The mineral card is the green and environmentally friendly alternative for you who want to significantly reduce the use of plastic materials without compromising durability, quality and design.

Recycled Wood:
This card is made from recycled or recycled wood. You can choose from 5 different patterns and the card can be personalized with laser printed serial number. The card can be engraved, or silk-screen printed with logo.

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