Plastic card + NFC

FIDO cards

FIDO, which stands for ”Fast Identity Online”, was developed by FIDO Alliance, an open industry association, with the purpose of changing the nature of authentication standards in order to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.

The FIDO authentication standards are characterized by being more secure than passwords, simpler to use by consumers, and easier to deploy and manage by service providers. 

At Cardcoin, we are closely following technological developments so that we can offer our customers innovative and safe products or solutions. We provide FIDO authentication standards in a plastic card solution.

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MIFARE® is the trademark for a series of RFID-chips with frequency 13,56 MHz owned and produced by the company NXP Semiconductors headquartered in Eindhoven, Holland.

MIFARE® supports a wide range of applications and is widely used in key fobs, contactless smart cards and proximity cards. These are also sometimes referred to as NFC units.

According to the manufacturer, NXP, over 12 billion MIFARE® chips have been sold as well as billions of readers worldwide.  Read more

SIM Cards

Today’s mobile phone and smartphone market is innovative and new product launches are occurring regularly. Providing end-customers the best SIM-card products and services is not only a top priority but also a key challenge for mobile phone and smartphone operators. For this reason, operators constantly demand greater flexibility from the card supplier when it comes to SIM-cards.

Cardcoin delivers SIM-cards in any form and shape as: Full-size SIM (53.98 X 85.6mm), Mini SIM (15 X 25mm), Micro SIM (12 X 15mm) and Nano SIM (8.8 X 12.3mm). The SIM-cards are delivered in a 3-in-1 SIM-card, which can be used in all mobile phones, or smartphones, and tablets.

In addition, Cardcoin offers SIM-card solutions which involves printing, packaging, shipping and distribution of documents.

At Cardcoin, our focus is to always deliver the right product that matches customer needs. This is achieved with commitment, flexibility, competitive pricing, excellent service and short turnaround time.

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NFC products for festivals, concerts and amusement parks

NFC products are particularly suitable for access control, crowd management and cashless payment at festivals, concerts and amusement parks. With an NFC product, such as a chip bracelet, everything is combined in one solution that is easy and convenient.  The guest just has to "bip" the chip and then proceed. Our solutions are applied to many types of events, including festivals, amusement parks, country camps, and many other places. NFC is easy and convenient and at the same time a very secure solution that avoids fraud and abuse both in terms of payment and access control for your events

Loyalty and membership card

Despite the proliferation of countless apps that receive push messages, scan QR codes, collect points and track your customers' purchases and behaviours, the membership card remains the most effective tool for recruiting members to your client club or association.
When the membership is of importance to the individual customer or citizen, the membership card is also very important, and will ensure increased loyalty from your customers or members.
Loyalty and membership is about the choice between mass communication via apps and digital media, as opposed to real relationship marketing where the customer or member experiences a unique service or offer. For example, the Gold Card for your preferred airline has high importance because you may get free access to the lounge, quick check-in, and early boarding. This is unlike the membership card for a cosmetics chain, where after many purchases you receive a certain valued product as a reward for mass product consumption.

Gift cards and gift card packaging

CardCoin develops unique gift cards that reflect your company's identity. For us, gift cards are not just a plastic card, but a small part of your business that every customer brings home, and because your business is unique, your gift card will of course be the same! We offer graphically designed plastic cards of the highest quality with accompanying packaging and in-store display that meets every need you and your customers might have. Our gift cards personalize the impersonal gift and create a long-term relationship between you and your customers. We offer a unique design for every occasion, so you can follow your customers throughout life events. With the calendar year in gift cards, you will generate business, so you get the maximum sales. Once your requests are received, we handle everything from production to stock and delivery, so all you need to worry about is ordering more cards! At CardCoin it is only the imagination that sets limits, and you are in the driver's seat!

Graphic design

We have a team of professional graphic designers with many years of experience in the design of plastic cards, bracelets, printed materials and packaging. The design of plastic cards and NFC products requires special expertise so that the best possible design can be expressed in the right way in the combination of offset printing, silk screen printing, hot foil, etc.

We offer to design a complete solution of card, packaging, and in-store materials.

Stock and ship

Save time, money and get fast delivery time with a store and ship solution from Cardcoin. We store your gift cards, membership cards, bracelets, and wraps on our secure site, and send shipments daily to your stores. We recommend digital integration to your online ordering systems so everything is done automatically and provides the lowest possible cost.

We also offer special packaging and distribution of plastic cards, party bracelets, tickets and certificates that we pack to fit your business needs.