Security Solutions


Cardcoin supplies eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) in either chip format for embedding (MFF2) or card format (2FF, 3FF, 4FF) for SIM-slots. The eUICC has cryptographic configuration, security architecture and supports eSIM functionalities as specified by the GSMA.

The MFF2-form factor is designed to be embedded into a device circuit board. As it is non-removable, it is recommended to have eSIM functionality to be able to exchange the connectivity provider. This is possible when choosing a eUICC from Cardcoin.

The eUICCs are personalized with your bootstrap profile (the profile which ensures first connectivity)

Corporate ID

Managing all identities in a company across different systems such as payroll, access control, copy / print, canteen settlement is easily solved with ID Supervision, which is your single entry access to all the identities of a company. ID Supervision can be combined with ID Photo or Capturevision and a card printing solution from Entrust Datacard. This makes it easy to take pictures of employees, scan fingerprints, etc. for use with multifunctional ID cards based on RFID technology. In one and the same automated process, a secure ID card is issued and all necessary information is distributed across networks to the different databases.

ID documents PAS - Driving license - Tachograph

High-security ID documents issued for public authorities are made on our highly secured ISO 27001: 2013 certified production in Skovlunde outside of Copenhagen. We have skilled associates and partnerships in the production of PAS books, driving licenses and tachograph cards, which ensure that we deliver the best and safest solutions for national ID documents. The ID documents are mostly based on polycarbonate materials that are laser engraved and provided with safety features such as holograms, rainbow pressure, microprint and complex design to ensure that products meet all international requirements.

PIN Production

We carry out daily production of physical PIN letters for credit cards and petrol cards as well as issuance of PIN codes for public authorities. This is carried out at our secure service company in Skovlunde, which is ISO 27001: 2013 certified and fully PCS-DSS compliant. The production of PIN mailers is conducted in a closed workflow within a closed workroom to ensure the highest level of security. The completed PIN letters are sent daily with a selected distribution partner, such as Postnord. We can also issue PINs via a secured SMS platform, thereby reducing distribution costs and significantly increasing delivery time.

National ID

Enterprises and public authorities need production and issuance of national ID products such as health cards and insurance certificates. We handle confidential and personal information, print your documents and identification cards so that citizens and customers with a properly issued ID card can identify correctly with relevant companies and authorities - such as hospitals, police, tax, etc. Our IT systems, physical premises, employees and workflows comply with the absolute highest safety standards that are regularly audited and tested by external auditors and experts.

Security Print

We offer print and envelope for all types of documents where a high level of security and quick flawless execution of production are required. The printing tasks can be transactional printing for public authorities, insurance companies, banks, etc. where the documents contain personal and confidential information. We produce and send the assignment the same day.

Secure Data Management and Hosting

Our IT centre has local hosting power, ensuring your data is at the physical address and not in a cloud so you can document the physical location. This ensures that data is within the country's borders in a high-security IT environment where both physical and logistical security is certified per the highest standards, for example. ISO27001: 2013 and revised per the ISAE3402 standard. Environment and processes are 100% PCS-DSS compliant. This provides security that cannot be achieved in a cloud solution. This setup is highly suitable for sensitive and confidential information.

Payment Solutions

When it comes to payment solutions, whether it's on a magnetic card, chip or NFC, high product quality and a correct choice of technology is required to avoid fraud copying and abuse.
Our expertise in chip and NFC solutions enables us to deliver a 100% secure solution to your customers, so both the user and the issuer are maximized against fraud and phishing. When selecting a product for a payment solution, it is crucial that there is traceability of the chip and materials so that it can be documented that the products are unique and secured against compliance and copying. In our production of chip and NFC products, only original chips are used by reputable chip suppliers.